DWI Bail Bonds

Midtown Bail Bonds supports the “Don’t Drink and Drive” movement, however, we also understand that there are circumstances that we cannot avoid. Through our DWI Bail Bonds, we reach out to those who will get caught driving under or with influence of alcohol in Houston TX and Harris County. Yes, it is a crime to be driving under the influence, but it does not release you of your right to post bail.

Through the DWI Bail Bonds, Midtown Bail Bonds agents can work with the local court in Houston or Harris County to make arrangements for your bail and grant you temporary release. A hearing date will set for you, and until then, all you need to do is stay safe and away from trouble, and get yourself ready for your day in court. Our bail bonding agents are trained to handle DWI cases and will make this experience for you as comfortable and painless as possible.

Posting bail can be expensive and through our DWI Bail Bonds, we assure you that Midtown Bail Bonds rates are affordable. Our Houston services are known for their unbeatable prices. So call Midtown Bail Bonds to avail of this service.

Midtown Bail Bonds Locations

We are conveniently located in four (4) locations - Houston, Missouri City, Richmond and Pearland Texas

Houston, TX

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Richmond, TX

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Pearland, TX

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