Looking in your review mirror you realize the light show of red, white, and blue lights is happening just for you. It is reminiscent of the dance floor you just left, but good dancing will not get you out of this one. Out of all these vehicles on the road you were the lucky winner of “Pull Over.”

Midtown Bail Bonds understands that not everyone will win this game.

Some actually do not pass go and go directly to jail.

There is no time to pick up the line and call mom, dad, friend or foe! You begin to panic as a second vehicle approaches.

Calm down and take a deep breath, it only takes a few seconds and a few non threating movements to get your “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”

Download the Midtown Bail Bonds App for situations just as yours. It’s simple

  1. Go to your Play Store App ( Android & Apple)
  2. Type in Midtown Bail Bonds
  3. Download/Install
  4. Click the panic button
  5. Complete personal information
  6. Complete emergency contact information

PRESTO….. You now have your immediate access to Midtown Bail Bonds.

Now, back to that light show happening in your car, you have been upgraded to the VIP section,the cop car!

Good thing you pressed your MIDTOWN BAIL BONDS PANIC BUTTON.

Now Midtown Bail Bonds agents have already contacted your emergency contacts and begun the process to get you home as soon as possible. We understand that bad things happen to good people.

Get your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD with the Midtown Bail Bonds App.

FYI… This app does not mean you GET OUT OF JAIL FOR FREE! However, The King of Bonds, Al Rucker understands all situations, even money flow issues.

Which is why Midtown Bail Bonds even offers flexible payment plans with low down payments!

Welcome to Midtown Bail Bonds, how may we help you?

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