Steven Spielberg might have envisioned “pre-cogs” to be up and running by 2054 but it seems like with how technology is utilized, fighting crimes like in his film “Minority Report” might happen sooner than later. In fact, technology is catching up so fast that some police claimed success on how they maximized digital tools to help fight crimes.

If only Tom Cruise will be right there to help solve those crimes. If that happens, for sure Midtown Bail Bonds agents will volunteer to check out jails every so often to offer bail bonding services.

So how does technology come into play and make crime fighting cool? Here are the five of them.

1. Technology expert IBM has introduced a new system called Blue Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History (CRUSH) that uses “predictive analytics.” Blue CRUSH, as they call it, extracts historical incident reports and law enforcement information to “forecast criminal ‘hot spots.’” Now, doesn’t that sound like it’s inspired by the movie? This technology, according to police in Memphis, was able to bring down the percentage of serious crime in the city by 31%.

2. Technology, if you know how to maximize it, can really make life easier. One of Houston’s leading bail bonding agencies, Midtown Bail Bonds, has found a way to level up its service by developing a mobile app that allows users to send a panic button to its offices in case you get arrested. In the event that you need assistance, Midtown Bail Bonds agents will then be able to assist you. Through the app, you can send your information immediately to the bail bonding agent, you can also send anonymous tip if you have any information on a wanted person or bail skipper that will give the location, date and time. Other features include ability to share through email, text or Social Media, capability to record questions for their agents using their record feature, and one touch calling,

3. Did you know that law enforcement was given access to the satellite imagery by Google Earth? This now gives them the capability to locate criminals from the sky. Like in Sweden, there was a two-acre marijuana plantation that was exposed when the police zeroed in on the area. This discovery led to the arrest of 16 perpetrators and they were able to confiscate 1.2 tons of pot.

4. Let’s talk transportation because OnStar seems to have introduced a living example of those auto-piloted and law enforcement-controlled vehicles we saw in the movie. The OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown technology empowers customers and police to use the GPS to track down the stolen vehicle, depower it, see how the vehicle carefully pull over on the side. That means, less or no chance for those high speed car chase. Plus, OnStar’s technology can even force-lock the vehicle until the police gets to the scene.

5. Scanners, scanners, scanners everywhere. If you’re a suspect and thinking of escaping, these scanners especially in the airport will definitely give you a channel. You can try but how can you get past a security that has scanners that measure “points on a person’s face and do not only measure “points on a person’s face and compare them with their digital passport photo?” There are also scanners that track using an automatic number plate recognition technology, which facilitates real-time monitoring by the police “even when they are not looking.”

With all these advancements, for sure unlawful people will either think twice before they commit a crime. Nonetheless, if the unfortunate happens and you get caught, you just call any of the Midtown Bail Bonds agents. Who knows they just might be your Tom Cruise who will come to save you on that inopportune time.